NothingTM, 2016

Anderson, Louise Kate, NothingTM, Watercolour and Offset Lithograph on Archival Stock, 504 x 703mm,

Edition of15, Signed & numbered by the artist, $120, unframed.

The NothingTM spoof logo was developed as satirical advertisement for Buy Nothing Day, designed as part of the artist’s previous work Ivory Tower, a satirical fashion magazine. This print is a follow-on project inspired by the aims and outcomes of Buy Nothing Day; an international day of protest against consumerism. This new print, NothingTM, presents the artist’s adaptation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and aims to raise awareness and reduce the art world’s carbon footprint by detailing some of the artist's’ own creative practice, much of which involves the use of found objects.


The work gently challenges the viewer to evaluate their own environmental impact through a stream of consciousness which presents suggestions for playful creative projects, DIY ideas and the inference that at least putting thought into day-to-day activities one doesn’t generally question, could be valuable, to the earth and, to ourselves.

It is clear that the artist applies this code to more than just her artistic practice, further exploring a recurring theme throughout her career - the blurring of art and life, especially with regards to themes of social and ethical responsibility, and what it means to identify as an artist.

NothingTM was produced and shown at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne in 2016 as part of their exhibition "Future Projects: For What do we Stand" and supported by devolved funding administered by Accessible Arts (AARTS) on behalf of the Lifetime Care and Support Authority (LTCSA) and has also been sponsored by the Big FAG Press who have donated in-kind workshop access and services to produce a limited edition print run of the work.

A special thank you to Ian Milliss, Fiona Macdonald and Lucas Ihelin for the support.

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© 2018 Louise Kate Anderson

NothingTM, 2016

Watercolour and Offset Lithograph on Archival Stock, 504 x 703mm.