Mission & Vision Statements


To foster accessible pathways for collaboration within grassroots or artist-run initiatives as existing contemporary arts communities which are inherently accepting and open-minded environments for people who experience disability or disadvantage.

A society whose culture greatly values creativity as a powerful means of self-actualisation and expression of identity in an ever increasingly fast-paced world; and the recognition of the incredible impact that the arts sector has on health, community and social unity.


Artistic &

Curatorial Practice






& Editorial Photography







Graphic Design,
Digital Illustration & Layout


Networking & Advocacy in the Arts and Disability / Health sector






Project Design, Development, Events Coordination & Management






Administration & Bookkeeping
in the Not-for-Profit Sector


Runway Australian Experimental Art
Accessible Arts
Wentworth Park
Outlandish Arts
Big Fag Press
Kieren Sand
Alternative Media
Future Feminist Archive; ArtsNSW
Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre
Maitree House


         Louise worked for me and Lucas Ihlein in the production       of our exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, The Yeomans Project.


Basically the exhibition would not have happened without her assistance and in fact several crucial components - the give away newspaper and several information posters - were almost entirely her work. She was organised, dealt with every part of the process from costing through production and installation. She solved innumerable tricky technical problems, quickly learnt new skills she had never previously needed, liaised easily with us and other team members while also taking responsibility to make sure everything happened and on time.


I couldn't recommend her any more highly and would always be happy to work with her again.


Ian Milliss, 2015

        Louise is an excellent collaborator and communicator. We've worked together at Big Fag Press since 2010 when she joined us as an intern. 

Since then, Louise has thrown herself into the activities of the organisation and has become indispensible in all aspects of our operations - from prepress to printing, to event organisation, archives management, social media marketing, and client liaison - and in 2013 she became an Associate Partner with us. 

Her organising work on the Green Bans Art Walks (2011), The Big Fag Press Emerging Artist Residency Programme (2013), and the John Demos Accessible Arts Residency Project (2013) has been professional and committed.


Lucas Ihlein, 2013

#memphis - who else remembers this_ _)
And old rotting chair becomes a #planter #stand _canadabay
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Quite the production line going here folding _daughtersopera #genderviolence #zines _bigfagpress
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Always wanted to #print top of pages of old literature...
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_lucasihlein liked this photo so much he decided we should start a blues band
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Please come along to _bigfagpress' open day and 10th birthday and see our new location with an exhib
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Me and Albie May with my zine at the #otherworldszinefair as part of _bigfagpress
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Did some #smocking on #gingham last night..
Having an awesome time tonight at the launch of _runwayexp_art's annual artist commission which I pr
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Recently made a zine printed on the _bigfagpress of my favourite shoes
Totally forgot about this t shirt
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