Media, Links, Bibliography

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#memphis - who else remembers this_ _)
And old rotting chair becomes a #planter #stand _canadabay
Check out my new #succulent additions to the family _)
Quite the production line going here folding _daughtersopera #genderviolence #zines _bigfagpress
7 years and this is still my favorite piece of #jewellery from a #lifeline store for $2! #thriftingf
Always wanted to #print top of pages of old literature...
Lol #suppositoryofallwisdom
Having fun with my clip on #macro #lens #plants
_lucasihlein liked this photo so much he decided we should start a blues band
#darlo #streetart #building #Sydney
I haven't been to Burwood in forever.jpg #streetart is cool
'gramming stuff on my table #procrastination #dontdismyability
It's up! #27outside #Johndemos' artist feature
#adventuretime bedsheets coming along #lateXmasPressie
Ode to Mondrian.jpg.jpg
It's a little addictive
Hmm new phone cam is pretty good
#stop #deafmob #soblackaustralia #aboriginal #auspol Culture is not a lifestyle choice
Donna Marcus _artbankau
Love this ad campaign _aartsnsw
Incredibly proud and excited to be here.jpg.jpg
Thanks to _3thingsoxfam, this is my new bible #buyerarchyofneeds
So want this hippie van.jpg.jpg.jpg
The nursing home had a visit from Kris's feathered friends.jpg My grandmother with _Dolly_, a dyed p
Please come along to _bigfagpress' open day and 10th birthday and see our new location with an exhib
Come visit me today! #otherworldszinefair _bigfagpress
Treasures you find in drawers _ohbuzz
Me and Albie May with my zine at the #otherworldszinefair as part of _bigfagpress
We got stickers _bigfagpress! _)
Did some #smocking on #gingham last night..
Having an awesome time tonight at the launch of _runwayexp_art's annual artist commission which I pr
We all need a bit more fluoro pink in our lives.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg _rosiedeacon _runwayexp_art
Today's sugar fest _bigfagpress
Recently made a zine printed on the _bigfagpress of my favourite shoes
Totally forgot about this t shirt
Siamese tomato.jpg.jpg
#vintage #tapemeasure

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